Queen of the South vs Livingston

League August 29th 1998

Livingston FC:

1. McCaldon, 2. Boyle, 3. Deas, 4. McManus, 5. Watson, 6. Conway, 7. Millar, 8. Feroz,

9. Robertson, 10. Bingham, 11. Rajamaki 12. Bennett, 14. Sherry, 15. McCormick


1. Mathieson, 2. ,Lilley 3. Love, 4. Rowe, 5. Thomson, 6. Doig, 7. Potts, 8. Leslie,

9. Eadie, 10. Nesovic, 11. Bailey, 12. Townsley, 14. Adams, 15. McAllister.

Livi's games with QoS have traditionally been good games of attacking football and with a good few goals. Sadly in this case referee Mr Fleming from Glasgow did his level best to ruin the game by handing out a total of TWELVE yellow and one red cards.

After a relatively good first half the game degenerated into farce with needless free kicks and cards flying constantly.

The game never really flowed but both sides still tried to play and never showed the attitude that the referee perceived to dish out the cards. There were scoring chances for both sides withe ex Lion Lee Bailey looking dangerous and alert.

The only goal of the game when Jim Sherry released the one and only John Robertson to round Mathieson and stab the ball home for a goal Livi just about deserved.


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