Livingston FC v Reading FC

Motorola Inivitation Tournament 1998

Livingston FC:
1. McCaldon, 2. Boyle, 3. Deas, 4. Sweeney, 5. Watson, 6. Millar, 7. McPhee, 8. Bennett, 9. Forrest,

10. Bingham, 11. Rajamaki, 12. Conway, 14, Davidson, 15. McCormick, 16. Feroz, 17. McMartin.

Reading FC:
1. Howie, 2. Booty, 3. Legg, 4. Crawford, 5. Crawford, 6.Primus, 7. Murty, 8. Brebner, 9. McIntyre, 10. Reilly,

11. Gray, 12. Fleck, 13. Trialist, 14. Bowen, 15. Asaba, 16. Parkinson, 17. Lambert.

This was a match in which both teams seemed to snuff each other out, but that is not to say that the game was boring. Gordon Forrest started the match wearing the number nine shirt in a late change replacing John Robertson and played the striker's role fairly well and came very close on more than one occasion.

Livingston recorded the better chances and McPhee had the ball in the net early on but was rulde offside. Livingston's winner came when McPhee was tripped in the box late on and Dave Bingham stepped up to drill home the resulting spot kick.

M.o.M Brian McPhee

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