Livingston vs Alloa Athletic

League November 21st 1998

Livingston FC:

1. Alexander, 2. Boyle, 3. Deas, 4. McManus, 5. Watson, 6. Millar, 7. King, 8. Sherry,

9. Robertson, 10. Bennett, 11. Bingham, 12. McCormick, 14. McPhee, 15. Fleming

Alloa Athletic FC:

1. Cairns, 2. Valentine, 3. Haddow, 4. Sharp, 5. Cowan, 6. Ramsay, 7. Wilson, 8. McKay

9. Simpson, 10. Irvine, 11. Cameron, 12. McKechnie, 14. Donaghy, 16. McAneny.


 Livingston's goals game from first half strikes courtesy of John Millar and Charlie King. King's goal was hotly disputed by the visitors as the ball had appeared to go out of play before dropping at Charlie's feet for a tap-in. This was compounded by the fact the referee Jim Herald had lost a contact lens after being struck in the face by an Alloa players clearance and floodlight failure leaving that goal in minimal light leaving the game in doubt if the light weren't fixed.


Alloa's reply came in the second half courtesy of Willie Irvine

MoM . John Millar


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