Stirling Albion FC vs Livingston F.C.

League October 25th 1998

Livingston FC:

1. Alexander, 2. Boyle, 3. Deas, 4. McManus, 5. Sweeney, 6. Millar, 7. King, 8. Sherry,

9. Robertson, 10. Bennett, 11. Bingham, 12. McMartin, 14. McPhee, 15. McCormick

Stirling Albion FC:

1. Gow, 2. Paterson, 3. McCallum , 4. Clark, 5. Martin , 6. Forrest, 7. Bone, 8. Donald

9. Trialist, 10. Wood, 11. Nicholas, 12. Bell, 14. Mortimer, 16. Provan

Last season this game would never have survived the torrential rain of the last few days. When the Livi support woke this morning they must have been expecting yet another call off due to rain. Teletext buttons will have been pressed all over the country thus morning but we have all been told that the drainage problems had been sorted and this was going to prove it.

The pitch passed the test with flying colours and while very wet showed no evidence of surface water at all, before the word "bog" would have been a formality.


MoM: Dave Bingham got right back at his best in this game scoring both goals and looking dangerous the whole game..

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