Cowdenbeath FC v Livingston FC

League Cup First Round August 1st 1998

Livingston FC:
1. McCaldon, 2. Boyle, 3. Deas, 4. Sweeney, 5. Watson, 6. Bennett, 7. Millar, 8. Bingham,

9. Robertson, 10. McPhee, 11. Rajamaki, 12. Conway, 14. Little, 15. McCormick,

Cowdenbeath FC:
1. Hutchison, 2. Urquhart, 3. Cuthbert, 4. Bowsher, 5. Snedden, 6. Robertson, 7. Winter, 8. Ritchie,

9. Stewart, 10. Graham, 11. Hamilton, 12. Brown, 14. Humphreys, 15. Welsh

This was a game that was pretty much a non-event in which the Lions did little more than they had to grind out a result. The goals came from John Millar and Dave Bingham, with John Robertson missing two sitters.

The game itself was uninteresting with the only real moment of light relief coming when Livingston Official Jim Renton, a former Grade 1 Referee had to take over from an injured linesman to the amusement of the Livi Fans.

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