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So please e-mail your views this is an open forum now lets start a debate about the manager do we need any new players are the one's we have any good you tell me.

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Ray Stewart - What is the Interim Verdict?

I got this comment from Stirling Albion Fan, Colin through my feedback form and It is worth noting the opinion of another club's fans:


"After visiting Almondvale on Saturday, I think you guys should be grateful for the superb set-up that you have there. It was inspiring to see a club that really values its fans - and applies the same criteria to the away support! As an Albion fan, I can't believe that you are critical of Ray Stewart, we would have him back anytime, along with Deasey and Bennet. Anyway, good luck to you all, you deserve to win the league with the set-up you have down there. Jim Leishman has to be the future P.M. of Scotland."

I have to agree that you can't really complain about the results that the manager has achieved and the league position six points clear of Caley is about as good a position as we could reasonably expect but it is a long while since the team actually played well. It's good to see that the Albion fans are missing Deasel and Neil Bennett especially Neil because I don't feel he quite gets the support he should from the Livi fans.

The problem I have with Ray Stewart at the moment is still that he seems to have his favourites that will gwt a game no matter how well the fringe players perform in reserve games or how badly the players who are in play on a Saturday. Although we have been getting results it is a long time since we played well consistently two games in a row. When we did last do that Frank Conway and Mark McCormick were at the heart of those performances and these two guys gave Ray Stewart "food for thought" - his words- well he's obviously a fussy eater because both guy's were dumped right back on the bench for the next game and soon enough will probably be dropped again. The old adage about not changing a winning team works up to a point but players have to EARN a start, no-one is or should be entitled to one.

So the story is we are winning but not playing well but this can't go on. Sooner or later we'll have to start playing better or we'll start losing as teams suss out our play and counter it as Albion did so well yesterday. Maybe it's just a bad spell but time will tell and if in May we have a title or even just promotion to celebrate I'm sure Ray will be a hero but until then the jury is still out.



Stadium Renaming is a load of B*@~~Łks!

The announcement today that the Almondvale Stadium has been renamed after a second rate local rag will make the football club a laughing stock! There has been enough jokes made about Airdrieononains Shyberry Excelsior ground but this is a real joke - I just hope Cosgrove and Cowan don't get hold of this or we will be a real laughing stock on "On(off) the ball on Saturday".


This Website will NOT use this ridiculous name and will only refer to the ground by it's correct name:


So if anyone thinks I'm wrong and this is the best thing that could have happened - let me know!

Comment from Christopher Robinson 12 Nov 98

It's about time Kevin Magee was put up for transfer. He just doesn't seem to be able to cope with the ever increasing standard of Division 2 football.

I'm not slagging the guy off, but I think he's a bit out of his depth with Livingston now that the 'new' team has arrived. Good luck to the boy, but it's nice to see the back of him as well.

What on earth is Stewart up to now?

The Evening News (15/10/98) has today reported that Ray Stewart is planning to have a clear out of players that are "not performing" he likened the situation to a redundancy with too many people in similar areas and talked of players earning wages and not delivering. Over the past few weeks the guy has been bleating about injury problems and being unable to field a consistent squad.

Where are these areas that we are overloaded? I don't have a clue - it can't be midfiield he sees a need to sign Charlie King to strengthen the right flank and both Gordon Forrest and Grant McMartin are more than capable of playing in that position. We've only got two goalkeepers so that isn't the problem. Defensively we are short of manpower so that must leave the strike force, which is the only place we are conceivably over manned is in attack but to win leagues we need to have strength in depth in our squad so what is he up to?

Could it be nothing more than he wants to clear out the remaining playing staff who are not "his" players from the Leishman era like Frank Conway, Kevin Magee and Gordon Forrest? Or am I being over cynical?


The Season's First Quarter!

So that is the first quarter of the season over and having played all nine opponents we are sitting in third place two points behind Inverness and a point behind Partick Thistle the two teams that were seen as the biggest threat before the start of the season. We haven't played badly overall though one or two players have been inconsistent and Ray Stewart Seems reluctant to drop them. John Roberston is a good example he can be brilliant at times but at others he doesn't look interested while others like Bingham and McCormick are a shining example of a committed player.

Ray Stewart has said that he will be looking to expand his playing pool if players add something to the squad. To this end the Alloa team sheet listed the name Charles King who to be fair didn't do badly and is still young so may well develop into a great player but what does he add to what we have already? Not a lot, especially when you consider that Grant McMartin and Gordon Forrest have just returned from injury and both guys are more than capable players.

Could it be that these guys aren't his players and wont get a game? Of course a manager will have his own style and make his own signings but it is crazy to overlook these the talent these guys have. I hope he does use it and answers my question with the answer: Yes, these players do have something to contribute along with the answer to why bug Frank Conway was dropped when he was playing the best football of his Almondvale career.

Over the season to come both the big and wee Jags will pose a big challenge as will Alloa and I think QoS will get over their poor start to cause teams a lot of problems.

As for Livi, can we win promotion or the title? The answer is yes and yes but some more consistency will have to be shown and players should be picked on form and contribution not by name or past reputation.



Season 1998/99 What are our chances?

The last two seasons have been very disappointing for Livingston FC and myself and fellow fans. The last two seasons in a row we finished third in Division 2 after winning the Third Division in the first full season. What are the chances of this changing?

The team has been almost completely rebuilt, there are only around six players surviving from last season and only one: Grant McMartin survives from the first season. Ray Stewart has certainly brought in some top class names in particular John Robertson and John Millar along with the highly talented youngster Craig Feroz. All these names provide a formidable teamsheet listing but how quickly will they gel into a team. Let us all hope it is quickly and Livingston can gain promotion to Division one on route to the Premier League.

Hope fully the friendlies coming up over the next couple of weeks will give the right answers to these questions.

5/6/1998 Latest

So with today's announcement of a new head coach in Raymond Stewart the deal is apparently finally dead. This is great for Clydebank and myself as a Livi fan because I want Livi to win promotion - not buy it.

The Clydebank Merger - an Opinion

It has been rumoured recently that Livingston FC and Clydebank FC are to merge a form a "new" club called "Livingston" and play at Almondvale. However as time goes on the deal looks more and more dead.

This I sincerely hope to be the case rather than playing in Division One on the back of destroying the once proud Clydebank Football Club.

To any fan of Livingston or any Livingston Official that may read this page please don't misunderstand my motives. I love the club and only want the club to succeed. But I don't want this to happen by destroying another club.

Yes it may be considered hypocrisy to take this view by some. Livingston was born out of the demise of Meadowbank Thistle. Livingston does not need to buy success and Clydebank should survive. If you care about the Bankies then visit the United Clydebank Supporters website.

United Clydebank Supporters